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Subsector Solutions combines industry experience, highly trained consultants, and a winning approach to provide the highest value to our customers.

Mitigate Risk and Achieve Compliance

Subsector Solutions will with with you to understand your organizations risk exposure, and build a compliance roadmap based on your organizations needs. We will work with you in building best practices and internal controls, and then help you integrate those security controls into daily IT processes for improved success. Subsector can determine the success of your intertal program through testing your systems via regular risk assessments. Subsector Solutions can train your employees to be more aware, and your IT employees to be more effective.

Identify and Eliminate Vulnerabilites

Many organizations don't realize their technology is vulnerable to attack. Critical external insight through regular security testing, both internally and externally, is the only way to ensure vulnerabilities are discovered in a timely manner. Subsector can perform security testing as an external entity. This helps secure your company while providing investors and customers with piece of mind knowing you've taken steps to secure your information assets.

Secure Your Environment

Let Subsector Solutions help secure your environment. Our consultants can proactively design and implement a secure environment in your organization. We also understand that while technology can do a lot to secure an organizations IT assets, security ultimately falls on people. That's why we offer security awareness training, advanced security training, and more. If your company is located in the Bozeman area, we can provide more services.

Leverage Expert Knowledge

Consultants of Subsector Solutions hold numerous industry qualified certifications. While these certifications are nice, we take our consultants to the next level with advanced in-house training designed to prepare them for the most demanding environments. Training, combined with hands-on experience across multiple industries, makes our consultants the ultimate technology practioner.

Industries We Work With

  • Aerospace

  • Healthcare

  • Financial Services

  • Defense

  • Technology

  • Communications

  • Retailing

  • Manufacturing

  • Critical Infrastructure

  • About Us

    SubSector Solutions is a world-class information security company based in Bozeman Montana. Our consultants work regularly with a diverse range of companies and governments, present bleeding edge research at national and international conferences, and create game-changeing technologies through advanced research.

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